We set out with a simple goal:
Be authentic and create
awesome works.

We are a super-duo design studio based in Hobart, Australia. We are Karlo and Natalia. We’re best friends, partner in craft and in business. We are mastering the design and build of web products, branding and online strategies for people and organizations who care about their impact on the world, not just profits. We are focus on helping small business, non-profit, bands and artists through simple, thoughtful and well-researched design.

Digitalmohawk was rooted in our small humble beginnings as young rebels, give-it-all attitude, love for punk rock, friends, and art. It opened our eyes to the real world and changed us immensely. Not as radicals, but it shaped up our mentality to be kind, respectful, defined our own set of ethics and merely being nice to whoever we meet.


Karlo Estrada

He has an insatiable hunger to learn how and why things work. Aside being a leftover of the 90s, he has cultivated a deep understanding of web development and graphic design. With a variety of interest these days, he continues the DIY ethics of punk rock and applying self-taught attitude of learning the unknown. He plays PS4 for work-life balance.


Natalia Munsayac
Creative Designer

Natalia was immersed in art and design from an early age, owed to growing up listening to thrash metal, comics and late afternoon cartoons. She has an organic talent with her hands that makes everything beautiful or make something delicious. Her appreciation to aesthetics goes beyond design, to her sporadic love for fine art, anything from watercolor painting to graffitti.